Day 6 - San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

01/05/2018 Friday

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Today is our last day here and after our breakfast, we went swimming and had a late lunch since our flight was in the late afternoon. The weather was prefect, not too hot nor cold. It wasn't humid either. I think the best time to visit Mexico is around this time as it was very hot and humid when we last visited Cancun in June 2015.

There was a grill station set up by the pools, so we ate there.

After lunch, the kids wanted to play some games, so we went to get some coffee while they played.

After the games, we headed back to our room to get ready for our shuttle to the airport.

After a short 3 hour flight, we were back to our home airport. It started raining after we landed and was much colder than Cabo.

Overall, we had a good relaxing trip. There wasn't as much activities to do in Cabo compared to Cancun and the ocean isn't as pretty as Cancun. The only good thing is that we had a short flight and there was a direct flight from our home airport.

Day 5 - San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

01/04/2018 Thursday

  • San Jose Del Cabo Downtown

Today is another day at the hotel, we didn't really have anything planned except to check out the San Jose Del Cabo downtown. Yesterday, we went to Cabo San Lucas downtown, so today we wanted to check out the downtown near the hotel.

After breakfast, we went for our frapppuccino and a swim afterwards.

We had a simple lunch at the buffet restaurant and drop the kids off at the kidz club as they didn't want to go with us.

We talked to the front desk on how to get to downtown and was told that we could just take the bus right outside the hotel. The bus fare was $12 peso each. We still had some peso from our previous Cancun trip which came in handy.

We past the gate and talked to the guard standing outside. We told him that we wanted to take a bus to downtown and asked him where the bus stop was. He told us that we could just wait with him and the bus would stop. Soon, the bus came and he told the bus driver where we were going, and we got on the bus.

After about 20 minutes, the bus driver told us that our destination is reached and we can get off.

San Jose Del Cabo downtown is very quiet and there wasn't many people on the street. It's pretty clean and nice. We saw a police in the middle of the plaza and he was holding a machine gun, which kinda scared me a bit as I wasn't expecting that. We walked around the downtown and check out the Mission San Jose del Cabo church.

After spending about an hour or so walking around downtown, we decided to head back. We didn't wait too long before the bus came. Besides the bus driver, there was only another person on board.

After we told the bus driver our hotel, he drove off and within 20 minutes, we were back at our hotel.

We were straight to the kidz club to check out the kids and they didn't want to leave.

After we left, we went to check out the beach. The ocean by the hotel has huge waves and is not swimmable and it's not as pretty as Cancun.

After playing in the sand for a while, we went swimming before heading for dinner. Tonight, we wanted to try out the French Restaurant Bon Vivant which is only for adults. So I went there first by myself while Anthony took care of the kids.

I couldn't decide between the 2 dessert, so I ordered both (Chocolate fondant and Creme brulee). Both were delicious. I think the French restaurant is one of the best restaurant at this hotel. Unfortunately, kids are not allowed.

Since Anthony and the kids were waiting for me, I quickly finished my dinner so that Anthony could come and try out this restaurant while I take the kids to dinner.

I took the kids and we went to the Mexican restaurant El Molino where they had a live performer singing songs.

After dinner, we met up with Anthony and just relax around the lobby before heading back to our room for our last night here at Cabo.

Day 6 - San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

01/05/2018 Friday Itinerary: Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos Go home Today is our last day here and after our breakfast, we went swimming a...