Day 8 --Cancun, Mexico

06/20/2015 Saturday

Today is our last day in Cancun, however since our flight is in the late afternoon, we asked for late checkout. So, we were able to stay and use the hotel amenities till 3pm.

We had our breakfast at Naos. I ordered an omelet and ate some fruits for breakfast. There were also a lot of variety of juices, so I got myself a grapefruit juice.

To be honest, I was a little tired of the food after 8 days. Don't get me wrong, the food there was really delicious but after eating so much food every day, I was ready to eat light today.

Anthony, on the other hand, could still eat.

Again, the waiter got us good seats with excellent views.

Mason with his sun burned face :-( He had a great time in Cancun.

After breakfast, we went for the picture frame making for the kids.

Then, we went for lunch and I had a light lunch as well. The seafood soup was really delicious.

After lunch, we had another kid's activity that we registered for. It was making cupcakes. I really think the hotel did a great job planning the kids activities each day. There are so many interesting activities to do each day and are different. It really keeps the kids busy.

First, each kid is given a plain cupcake.

Once every kid has a cupcake, the chef comes and put the frosting on each cupcake.

Then, the kid gets to select the different topping that they want to put on their cupcake. Guess what, both Mason and Maddie put a lot of candies on their cupcake. 

I ordered a beer while watching them and it was so refreshing. I guess I could get used to this kind of pampered life.

The kids ate their cupcakes after it was done and we took a couple more pictures around the pool and ocean before heading back to our room to get ready to leave.

The shuttle came on time and took us to the airport. On the flight home, the plane had to divert to LAX because a passenger was sick. It turns out that he was a little dehydrated but since we were diverted to another airport, we had to wait for the plane to refuel and by the time we reached our airport, it was around 3 a.m. and we didn't reached home till 4 a.m. 

Day 7 -- Cancun, Mexico

06/19/2015 Friday

I was planning a trip to Chichen Itza by myself as the kids have no interest to visit any more ruins under the hot, humid sun. Today was the only free day that we had since my brother and his family are leaving today, so I was debating whether to book the tour by myself yesterday.

However, Mason was not feeling well since yesterday, so I decided to stay and keep him company. Maybe, we will visit Chichen Itza next time we are here.

We ordered room service for breakfast as Mason was having a low grade fever, so we decided to sleep in and relax in the room.

Then after resting all morning, we went to pick up the ceramics that the kids painted a couple days ago.

Then, we went to Naos for our lunch buffet.

Mason was feeling a little better by now, so we decided to rest a little more in the room before venturing to the mall in the late afternoon as we were planning to go and watch the dolphin performance at the aquarium.

We took the bus to the mall and went to buy the tickets. Since the show was at a later time, we went to look at the exhibits inside the aquarium first, then shop around the mall before going back for the dolphin performance.

The aquarium was really small and it didn't take us long to finish all the exhibits. We then went outside to check out the turtles, stingrays and alligators.

Next, we went to watch the dolphins.

And went to the mall next door.

I also tried the Banana sundae from McDonalds since we don't have this flavor in U.S. It was quite tasty.

After a little dessert, it was time to head back to the aquarium for the dolphin performance. It is not as big as Seaworld but nonetheless, we still had a great time watching the show.

After the show, we took the bus and headed back to the hotel for dinner. While waiting, we took some pictures around the hotel.

Tonight, we have made reservation at the Market Grill which serve meat on a skewer, like Fogo de Chao restaurant that we have in U.S. The waiter would come to your table with different meats on a skewer.

First they gave us 2 cards; 1 green and 1 red. The green card means that you would want more meat, while the read card means that you would want to take a break. Then, he will slice the meat for you and you will pick the meat with your tongs and put it on your own plate.

Of course before we start eating, we have to order our drinks.

Day 6 - San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

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